Madnix Casino Bonus: Does it provide attractive offers?

The reward has always motivated man and gives meaning to what he undertakes. In the game of chance it is a golden rule that makes this category of games a pleasant challenge. Today, winning is no longer just about jackpot or winning the game. On online casinos , it is enough to be diligent and regular on the platform to enjoy the promotional pack of said casino.

This win-win approach has allowed several casinos to flourish and this is the case for the Madnix casino . What are the offers that this casino offers you? How to benefit from it? We show you everything on the subject.

The main bonus of Madnix Casino

Designed in 2019, the Madnix casino has made giant strides in terms of requirements, quality and expectations. The platform is talked about everywhere: online reviews, French-speaking forums, video tests, etc.

You are directly immersed in a “mad scientist” atmosphere in the company of Dr. Nix, the star of the platform. Once registered, you must make your first deposit , after which you will receive your welcome gift . This generous bonus makes you double the amount of the first deposit up to 50 euros. madnix casino bonus

Then, when you make your second deposit at the casino, you get a 50% bonus with a threshold of 50 euros. This means that if you deposit a sum of 150 euros you come out with 100 euros more. And a full amount of 250 euros to start the game, to know everything about madnix , you can also consult our other articles on the same subject.

What are the parallel offers of Madnix casino?

To be able to conquer its users, Madnix casino did not settle for its welcome bonus only. Indeed, the platform is full of  weekly , daily and sometimes even exclusive bonuses to encourage the player to consult the platform. Here are the offers that can be found on Madnix:

  • First, the VIP program gives you the opportunity to take advantage of several exclusives on the platform, notably on the deposit and withdrawal thresholds.
  • Then, there is a bonus “ The Nix Race ” which can  earn you up to 2,000 euros depending on your stakes in Karting, Ralley or Formula 1 games.

If you are curious about the VIP system, there is nothing rocket science. Players can collect  loyalty points  everywhere on the platform and depending on the number, you integrate the VIP ranks via a notification.

The category naturally offers you  exclusive bonuses , reductions or more flexible conditions. However, it is important to specify that  Madnix customer service  gives the same interest to all of its players and that it does not make a difference on this point there with VIP users.

To conclude, Madnix is ​​a platform that deserves to be given a chance because it has proven itself and demonstrated its professionalism in the eyes of the users and our team of testers.

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